Solar X Stake

Staking Rewards

At SolarX, we offer staking opportunities for both miners and holders of SolarXcoin. By staking your coins with us, you can earn rewards while supporting the ecosystem.

About SolarX

Our staking platform is designed for SolarX holders and miners who want to participate in our staking reward system. By staking your coins with us, you can benefit from an attractive APY and other perks within the SolarX ecosystem


SolarX Stake

Easy Token Deposits: Holders can deposit tokens on our website and use them for staking.
Benefit from Mining: Miners can use what they have mined for staking programs. Maximize Rewards: Earn rewards and benefits from staking within the SolarX ecosystem


Airdrop Details

At SolarX, we reward our community of holders and stakers with exclusive airdrops. When you hold or stake SolarX tokens, you automatically qualify for these airdrops, giving you the opportunity to receive additional tokens and rewards

Rewards and Incentives

Reward and Incentives:

At SolarX, we offer a range of rewards and incentives for our stakers. In addition to earning rewards through our staking program, stakers will also benefit from SolarX Launchpad. We will airdrop tokens that can be used on our launchpad, giving stakers the opportunity to participate in new projects and initiatives within the SolarX ecosystem.

Everything that is built on the SolarX blockchain will be airdropped to SolarX holders and stakers. This means that as a holder or staker, you will have the opportunity to receive tokens from new projects and developments on our blockchain.