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SolarX Host Mining, your premier destination for hassle-free cryptocurrency mining. Our service is perfect for individuals who want to mine cryptocurrencies without the need to purchase and maintain mining equipment at home.

Featured Benefits:

With SolarX Host Mining, you can easily host your mining operations on our secure and efficient hosting site. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped to handle all your mining needs, providing you with a seamless mining experience.

Host Mining Services

Our reward structure is simple and transparent. Every moment, the coins that are minted will be shown directly in your wallet, ready for you to withdraw.

Payment Options:

To enjoy our hosting services, you will need to pay a monthly fee. This fee can be paid in SolarX coins or in other tokens, offering you flexibility and convenience in managing your mining operations.

Explanation for procedure

How it Works


When you place an order with SolarX Host Mining, you have the option to choose our hosting services. This means that instead of purchasing and managing mining equipment yourself, you can leave the mining operations to us.


Rewards Structure

Monthly Rewards:

Transparent reward structure: Coins minted are shown in your wallet in real-time.
Flexible payment options: Pay your monthly fee in SolarX coins or other tokens.

Loyalty Bonuses:

At SolarX Host Mining, we value loyalty. That's why we offer loyalty bonuses to our long-term customers. As you continue to host your mining operations with us, you will receive special bonuses and rewards as a token of our appreciation.

Hosting Dashboard

User Interface:

With SolarX Host Mining, you will have access to a comprehensive dashboard that provides real-time data on your mining operations. Track your total transactions and monitor the performance of your mining activities with ease.


Free Structure

We charge a monthly hosting fee, which can be paid in SolarX coins or other tokens. This fee covers the cost of hosting your mining operations on our platform and includes access to our comprehensive dashboard, dedicated support, and other features.


Sustainable practices: We operate our mining facilities in an environmentally responsible manner.

Support and Assistance

Dedicated support: Access our team of experts for any assistance you may need. Comprehensive assistance: Get help with setting up your mining operations and troubleshooting any issues.